Now Introducing MyLugnoro!

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It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have signed agreements with top real estate developers in Abu Dhabi which will allow us to open mini Café Lugnoro branches in your local apartment blocks all over Abu Dhabi. This is a great news for people that would like access to our unique offerings that would also be close to home for them.

MyLugnoro will provide the same great atmosphere that Café Lugnoro offers but in a more compact and intimate setting. Our first branch opens in Avenue Towers on the 15th of June right after the dubai real estate company awards. This will begin the roll out for over 30 new MyLugnoro branches across Abu Dhabi.

To help you easily locate our new branches, The apartment buildings where the café will be located will have Café Lugnoro signage outside. We are also working on mobile apps that will easily help you locate the closest branch to you. The app will be released on the 15th of June alongside the opening of our first branch in Avenue Towers.

For the opening of all our branches, we would like to invite everyone to come and join us in the celebration by enjoying a free cup of cappuccino coffee, on us! At the event, you’ll also have the chance to meet some local celebrities and have your photos taken with them.

At Café Lugnoro, we’re all about providing the best services and offerings to the community as a result of the UAE’s economy affecting real estate companies and our MyLugnoro project is just another milestone we’re hitting in our journey and we would like for you to take part in it with us. If you’d like to come attend our very first MyLugnoro opening, please write in using our contact page with your name and phone number so that we can inform you of the time and date should anything change.

We would like to thank you again for being a part of the Lugnoro family and we hope to continue pleasing you in the future. Thank you!

What’re Five of The Top Resorts in Abu Dhabi?

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One millennium ago, this fantastic town proved to be merely a angling village whose residents depended upon the ocean for their nutrition. Now, it depends upon the fantastic wealth which have come alongside them as well as its huge reserves of crude oil.

The the main city of the United Arab Emirates is currently among the most affluent towns on earth, and its own fantastic riches is represented in its extensive selection of resorts that are lavish and secure. It might, actually, not be easy for the traveler not really acquainted with this town to seek out inexpensive accommodation because of the increased exposure of extravagance in the city’s. Nevertheless, comparatively cheap resorts with outstanding support have started to to look across town as Abu Dhabi has exposed to american vacation. Here are just a small number of the top resorts Abu Dhabi offers.

Travellers that are on a budget may be anxious about booking an area in the high-priced town that is magnificently. Nevertheless, there are alternatives that are comparatively low-cost, as well as the greatest of those is the Cristal Hotel. Situated in the busy asian area of Zayed, only five-minute drive in the centre of town, the Cristal gives voyagers best-ranked a key place, superb bedrooms, as well as support.

Prices to get a chamber in the Cristal Hotel begin at around $60 per night. Few additional hotels in Abu Dhabi function prices that are likewise reduced, as is it true that the Salam and none of the resorts provide the exact same type of support. For all these reasons, the Cristal Hotel is extremely popular with visitors, therefore make sure you reserve early to ensure low-cost accommodation in town.

2) Seaside Rotana

Yet another resort on the eastern end the Beach Rotana, of Abu Dhabi is an excellent option and never have to depart their resort for travellers who would like the capability of easy accessibility to the shore. The Beach Rotana provides equally excellent direct and support access to the shore, which likewise has pools and beach-side bars.

Specific prices are often accessible, although chambers in the Rotana discrete up and for around $100 per night. Also at the price that is standard, though, a chamber in the Rotana is over worthwhile – visitors have accessibility that is quick to the shore an enormous retail centre in the asian Madinat Zayed area of town, and Abu Dhabi Mall. Fans of buying, swimming, and sun-tanning cannot request for-anything more from a resort.

For all those visitors who would like to stick to the old, the Abu Dhabi may possibly be the most suitable choice available. The Hilton characteristics exceptional support, well-kept and luxury areas, an attractive view of the rich west-end of town, and superb eateries and pubs. Connected to Hemingway’s is the Jazz Club & Membership, a favorite gathering spot for resident retirees and visitors alike.

4) Jumeirah at Towers

Etihad Systems provides a lot more than elevation that is straightforward, yet – it also includes the Jumeirah -ranked 5 star resort. The Jumeirah attributes luxury bedrooms, superb eating, as well as the finest opinions to be had everywhere in Abu Dhabi and inhabits among the five systems. Visitors residing in in Abu Dhabi for company goals may take advantage of one among the thirteen meeting areas accessible the convention center of the Jumeirah. The resort’s restaurant cuisine, including Western, Lebanese, and every thing in between, appears up to the most effective food this town offers.

Obviously, the high-end of the Jumeirah comes in a cost. But if you’re able to pay the keep, the cost is worth it, if just for the see that is astonishing.

The indisputable winner in the areas of high-end and genuine decadence – this name is won by Palace, a resort in the american Al Ras Al Akhdar region of Abu Dhabi. To just phone Emirates Palace a “resort” isn’t doing it justice, yet. This 85- complicated functions plazas and beautiful landscapes. The hotel building itself really is a construction – the outside produces a Middle-Eastern story book feel, as although the whole construction were taken right from the One-Thousand and One Nights, as well as the insides of its own huge foyer and halls are adorned in gold.

Etoiles Club and Havana Club are well-known gettogether places for expats who do not mind falling 30 dirhams ($8) on an ale, and the reception itself functions a restaurant support for the two guests and non-visitor visitors. One of the most famous things of the cafe’s is the 24-k gold-capped cappuccino, which can be an ordinary cappuccino scattered with gold-dust that is genuine.

Emirates Construction is, definitely, the priciest resort in Abu Dhabi, with rooms rapidly growing to $2,000 for the luxurious packages and beginning at $400 per night Luckily for those travellers who would like a style of intense extravagance in the Structure but can not afford a chamber, restaurants and the resort lobby are not closed to the people. Really, Emirates Construction is among the top vacation spots in town, as well as for great reason. No where is the absolute abundance of Abu Dhabi overtly shown than at this resort that is very lavish.